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Dover Downs Casino - Custom Digital Bingo Software






Fast Action Custom Bingo Software

NEW!!! Lucky Tournament Bingo Software

Individual Play - Fast Action - Digital Bingo Machine with Random Number Generation!

For use in; Arcades, Bars, Coffee Shops, Shopping Malls, Truck Stops, Hotels, Restaurants, Carnivals, Bingo Halls etc!  

This fast action software is designed to provide points as prizes.

Displaying partial points as decimals, it will produce; From .10 of a point up to 250 points per play. This Product is designed for games where there is no cost to play! Prizes are awarded based on the number of points won!

      Used to retain customers!!!!!!!!1





CATACOCHA STEREO - SAMPLE #1 Custom Bingo Software


"Digital Bingo Machine Platinum WR Version Operating Instructions!

Please print and read this instruction sheet before installing your application.


To install necessary Access run time files on your computer;

1) Double click on the yellow folder on your cd. A Setup file will appear. Click on Setup and follow the easy installation instruction. This will install the basic file dbm file extensions on your computer.

2) Very Important! Look for the upgrade folder on the cd. Open it and
drag and drop the upgrade file with the little key and padlock from your cd to your desktop. An installation question may ask you if you if you want to replace the basic file. Click on yes, you do wish to replace that file. The basic file will be replaced with the Digital Bingo Machine Upgrade file.

Your installation is now complete!


After installation, open the application by right clicking on the file on your desktop. Choose Open With Access and a green "Splash" screen will open.

Note* The Set Colors button is for choosing three colors for your Dab Ticket faces. You can read more about Dab Tickets on the last page of instructions. Good for "Color Bingo" games.

Next, go to the Organization button. You can personalize your bingo paper by typing your name or the name of your organization into the on-screen blank.

Next, go to the Set Program button. You can choose the list of game patterns which will appear on your pattern board during your bingo game. Click on the space next to any game pattern, and a blue drop down arrow will appear. Click on the blue drop down arrow and choose any game pattern from the drop down list. You can create 25 different games to appear in your game program.

Note:You can also choose the item Custom Game from the Program blue drop down arrow list. This feature opens a blank game pattern board on the main screen flashboard. Before you begin playing your game, you can manually click on the Custom Game squares on the pattern board to light them up or turn them off in any pattern. It would be good to make Custom Game the first item in your game list, so that you can practice creating a manual game pattern.

Next, check out the Event Ticket Printer by clicking on the Events button. You can fill in the blanks with the information you would like to see on your door tickets. Click on Select Report, and choose which ticket style you would like to create. You may want to cut and perf your tickets with a simple perfer from Carl Manufacturing , www.CARL-Products.com

Next, check out the Dab Ticket Printer by clicking on Dab Tickets. you can fill in the blanks, and print Triple, Double, and Single Dab Tickets. Choose the Name of the Ticket, Choose the colors, Choose the Cost of the Ticket, Choose the Serial Numbers of the Tickets..You can use Dab Tickets in combination with "Quick Draw" which you will find on the main screen of the Platinum. Sell the Dab Tickets , choose the number of tickets sold with Quick Draw, and then choose the number of Instant Winners you want. Quick Draw's random number generator will draw the Instant Winners at random, from the Sold Dab Tickets face numbers.

Next, Print some Cards!
To print cards, click on the print cards button. Choose our BCP1-9050A Series, or our cards printed with buttons 1, 2,and 3. You can print 2 cards per sheet, 4 cards per sheet or 6 cards per sheet, all with the name of your organization or business printed on each sheet. You may have to set your printer at Landscape to print two cards per sheet.

NOTE Use your printer control screen to select the number of sheets to print. If you do not limit the number of pages, your printer will print an entire perm of card faces.

Play a game;

After printing cards, you are ready to play a game. To open the main game screen, click on New Game.

On the main game screen, you can set the number of seconds between calls with the timer drop down arrow.

To begin playing a game, double click on Start Game. Notice that the game pattern board lights up with the game pattern from your pre-selected list of patterns. Our Random Number Generator will select the first number. After the first number lights up on the flashboard, it is only necessary to click one time for each additional number.

Continue selecting numbers until your have a winning pattern on your bingo card.

To verify the winning card, you must remember which series you printed. There are three separate card face series which are identified on the "Print Card" screen by the numbers 1,2,or 3. Plus there are two series named A and B. To verify your win, click on the verify button which corresponds to the series you printed.

A key pad will open

Using your mouse, enter your bingo card ID face numbers on the key pad, click Enter, and a copy of your card will appear on the screen with all called numbers lit in red. Click on the close button to close the verifier.

To play another game, click on the Next Game button, and repeat the playing process.

Type your name or the name of your organization to personalize your printed bingo sheets.

To create a game program;

Click on the space to the right of any game name, and a drop down will open. Use the drop down to position the games in your program.

If you have any questions regarding the operation of the Standard Version of the Digital Bingo Machine, please email fundweb@aol.com. We will be pleased to assist you at any time!
The "Digital Bingo Machine" is a copyrighted product of BCP Software. You are allowed to make copies of this Cd for your personal use only. You are not allowed to make copies for sale or resale.

About Dab Tickets;

Bingo Suppliers and Bingo Game Operators- Now you can save thousands of dollars by easily printing your own "Dab Style Bingo Tickets" with our "Dab Style Bingo Ticket" printing software.

If you are using "Dab Style Bingo Tickets" in your local bingo games, you can now print your own tickets on your desk top printer.

Your custom tickets will have serial numbers, cost of tickets, winning prize amounts, and the custom bingo patterns and special names you choose to use in your bingo games.

On your computer screen, just fill in the provided blanks, select 50 tickets/sheets to print, and your desk top printer does the rest.

With your "Digital Bingo Machine", you can verify winning "Dab Style Bingo Tickets" on the built in verifier!

You can print Trible Dab Tickets. A set is 50 printed sheets. Customer instructions are on the sheets.

Note* Included with our "Dab Ticket Printer" is our new "Quick Draw" product. "Quick Draw" allows you to instantly generate one or more Dab Ticket face numbers randomly to use for instant payout of game prizes while playing our "Dab Tickets". "Quick Draw" will know which face numbers are on the cards sold in a set of 50 cards for a particular game, and will randomly generate face numbers from those cards.

With Quick Draw's instant payout capability, our Dab Tickets have the instant winning features of pull tab style Dab Tickets without the cost! Print your own! Keep your money!